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Dodge Demon SRT: First Look

The all new Dodge Demon SRT, the world’s fastest production car at a cost of $85,000USD. This beast out performs every production supercar on the market with a staggering 0-60 in 2.1 seconds. Faster than a Bugatti Chiron (2.4 seconds) and the Tesla P100D (2.3 seconds).

The Dodge Demon is essentially a Challenger with a few distinctive new features (or less). With the inclusion of 97 new parts and the removal of quite a few, a bit of light-weighting has resulted in a street legal quarter mile hero.

Just check out these demonist stats courtesy of Dodge.

It is officially the world’s fastest production car over the quarter mile, with a record time of 9.8 seconds. This is faster than McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. The only car out there that hasn’t run a quarter mile time is the Tesla Roadster (still in production) and the yet to be seen but a top contender, Bugatti Chiron and Chiron Sport.

One of the high-tech features of the demon is its engine and its ability to read the octane levels of the fuel being injected through the carburettor. While using 91 Octane fuel the Dodge Demon produces 808bhp at 717lbft.

Now they don’t seem like huge stats but with every 3000 Demon’s that will be produced, you have the optional extra packaged costing you $1. Yep, $1 for the all-inclusive sports package. This includes extra parts for launching. Narrow drag style front wheels and a passenger seat.

The Demon rolls off the production line with only one seat on board. This was one of the decisions made by Dodge in order to keep the vehicles weight down.

So, after installing your race mods and the car measures the petrol’s octane at 100. It resets all of the engine’s timing to make the most of the extra fuel to produce 840bhp and 770olbft.

The car will maintain this phenomenal power output irrespective of the weather, thanks to an intake chiller system that actively sucks heat out of the engine and the supercharger coolant.

The Dodge Demon isn’t the fastest top speed car out there with a max 168mph. Still quick enough though. These stats are hampered by the large Nitto huge drag style radials. Don’t be scared to throw it in and around corners though. It’s a huge handling improvement from earlier models such as the Hellcat and Challenger.

The Demons tyres are OE specific Nitto Demon Drag radial tyres or compliant competition drag race tyres. The Demon has been banned from most tracks around the US for being too quick. Nitto specifically designed a brand-new compound and structure for the Demon. A huge 315/40R18 on 18”x11” lightweight alloys. The tyres flare off the wheels allow for an extra 3 ½ inches of width.

The cars specialty launch control system allows you to ignite the rev limit by placing your foot to the floor and with the release of the right steering paddle the car will burst to 1.8Gs. Higher than a Bugatti Veyron.

There are a great range of tyres that will fit the Demon and other vehicle of its nature. Recently Dodge put a halt on new vehicles being produced for Australia but that will not stop those keen on owning a piece of American muscle.

We recommend Toyo Proxes T1 Sport and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. Both are great tyres for any heavy and powerful V8 American muscle or performance supercars and would be suitable for both road and/or track use.

Kogarah Tyrepower has a great range of performance vehicle tyres. We fit tyres to sports and luxury cars, performance road and track cars as well as supercars and muscle cars. So, come in today and speak with one of our expert staff about your next set of tyres.

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