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Ready for the track? Oh, but not any track. A track that Ferrari chooses. Fewer car makers stir up the auto media into a frenzy other than Ferrari. When we heard wind of the supercar manufacturer was re-designing the FXX K, our initial thought would never have been, ‘Yeah, it definitely needed improvement’ but Improvement they achieved.

With no intentions of road use, the sky’s the limit when it comes to building a car of this calliper. Designed for only a very small and select group of Ferrari motoring enthusiasts, you’ll need to know your onions when it comes to purchasing such a car but the EVO will remain in the hands of the car maker and you may drive it when they say you can, in a controlled environment… Seems fair right!? After the $US3M you paid! With its debut set for a production race at the end of the month it’s safe to say the Ferrari FXX K EVO has already stole the show!

The car has evolved from the LaFerrari, a road version of the track car that was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, and on December 3, 2016 a LaFerrari sold for $7 Million. Making it the most valuable supercar to ever be auctioned off in the 21st Century.


Now, I bet you want to know some stats! Well, Ferrari haven’t released any. We do believe it was tested on a private track where it was over 5 seconds quicker that the LaFerrari’s best time. Engineers improved acceleration with additional downforces provided by undercarriage vortex generators, enclosed the wing from the previous model and added a fin like spine through the centre of the new rear wing. A 23% downforce improvement and 75% better than that of the road version is a huge win.

The famous horse logo boasts 1036Hp from a Hybrid Electric and Gas Ferrari V12 engine. The car tops out at 9400RPM redline and creates more than 1800Lbs of downforce at its top speed (yet to be released). All that added down weight could only mean one thing, bigger, stronger and the most technical tyres on the market. In step Pirelli. Pirellis’ P Zero was a no brainer for the Italian car company. The high tech digital sensor tyres were engineered for precision on the Ferrari FXX K EVO. The car will come kitted with a set of slick tyres and on-board sensors providing pivotal information to the driver and the mechanical expert team needed to run the track car. Things like inflation, wear and grip data will be stored on-board or fed to a team of pit engineers, which monitor the cars progress. Ferrari’s on-board F1 traction control unit coupled with Pirelli’s 110 years in the motor racing industry can only mean 1 thing! FAST!!!

Pirelli’s P Zero tyres are available for most makes and models of performance, luxury and prestige vehicles. Come in and see us today or call (02) 9587 8613 and book your car in for a set of these outstanding and proven tyres.

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