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Pirelli’s Formula 1 Contract Continues

As Formula 1s current contract is ending next year, the FIA opened a tender for tyre manufacturers to apply to be the supplier of tyres after Pirellis current contract expires.

Both Bridgestone and Pirelli threw their hats in the ring to vie for F1s attention to be the next official tyre supplier for Formula 1 racing globally.

Pirelli have outbid Bridgestone, meaning that they are locked in for the 2025, 2026 and 2027 seasons of F1, with the option to continue supplying tyres for the 2028 season.

Bridgestone hasn’t been the official tyre supplier since 2010 and bidded fiercely for the contract, resulting in much higher fees for Pirelli moving forward.

Starting in 2024, all tyres used in the F1 series will be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, following on from research and technology used to create the world's first FSC-certified tyre, created by Pirelli in 2021.

Pirellis’ Tyre Technology

We periodically take a look at what Pirelli is doing in terms of pushing tyre technology forward, and this year we have some cool new tech to check out.

Pirelli seems to be leaning in the direction of tyres being a smart component of your vehicle, no longer are they just fitted to your wheels, your tyres will soon be able to provide real time data back to your vehicle in order to provide greater safety capabilities.

FSC Certification

We briefly mentioned Pirellis’ FSC commitment earlier, but their involvement in responsible manufacturing techniques deserves more attention.

According to the Forest Stewardship Council, over 70% of global rubber production is purchased and used by the tyre industry, making tyre manufacturers a crucial target for implementing sustainable rubber growth strategies.

Countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Guatemala are seeing large percentages of their rubber production becoming FSC-certified, meaning that everything from environmental concerns, workers rights, sensible land management plans and supporting local communities are being overseen by the FSC.

Pirelli Cyber Tyre

Up until now, tyres are a relatively passive car component. They get fitted to your wheels and they eventually wear out. That’s about it.

TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems) were the first step towards a ‘smart tyre’, meaning that real-time tyre pressure information could be relayed back to the car, in order to have early detection of potential issues such as punctures or leaks. More modern TPMS sensors also relay tyre temperature information, giving you and your vehicle more information about what your tyres are doing and what condition they’re in.

As opposed to current TPMS sensors, Pirellis’ ‘Cyber Tyre’ technology is a system that actually embeds sensors into the tyre and is capable of sensing and sending much more information than a standard TPMS setup can.

The goal of Cyber Tyre is to enhance safety, performance and efficiency by more closely linking a tyres capabilities with that of your vehicle. Aside from temperate and pressure, Cyber Tyre has several key improvements:

  • Sensor Integration: Cyber Tyre incorporates sensors within the tyre to monitor various parameters, including tyre pressure, temperature, and even the tyre's vertical load.
  • Real-Time Data: The sensors continuously collect data and transmit it to the vehicle's onboard computer system, where it can be processed and used to improve the driving experience.
  • Improved Safety: By monitoring tyre pressure and temperature in real time, the system can help drivers and vehicle systems react to changes in tyre condition, potentially preventing accidents and blowouts.
  • Predictive Maintenance: The technology can assist in predicting when tyres need maintenance or replacement, ensuring that tyres are replaced at the right time to optimise performance and safety.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Accurate tyre pressure monitoring can lead to improved fuel efficiency, as underinflated tyres can reduce gas mileage.
  • Smartphone Integration: Some implementations of Cyber Tyre technology allow drivers to access this information via a smartphone app, which provides them with real-time updates on tyre conditions.
  • OEM Partnerships: Pirelli has worked with various automakers to integrate Cyber Tyre technology into their vehicles. These partnerships aim to enhance the overall performance and safety of vehicles.
  • Pirelli Connesso

    Pirelli Connesso is designed to work alongside Cyber Tyre technology. While Cyber Tyre tech relates to the tyres themselves and what information they can collect, Pirelli Connesso is the system through which this information is gathered and used by your vehicle.

    Pirelli Connesso is a digital service that not only provides the same functionality as traditional Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, but can even measure and report back on tyre temperatures and even real time tyre wear information.

    Pirelli Connesso is a technology-driven solution that empowers drivers with real-time tyre data, enhances safety, increases efficiency, and contributes to a more convenient and informed tyre ownership experience.

    It's designed to make tyre management easier and more effective by leveraging connectivity and smart sensors.

    Pirelli Elect

    Pirelli's Elect technology is a tyre technology that is designed to meet the needs of electric and hybrid vehicles. Tyres for electric vehicles need to take into account the unique characteristics and demands of electric powertrains to provide optimised performance, safety, and efficiency. Here are some key aspects and features of Pirelli's Elect technology:

  • Reduced Rolling Resistance: Lower rolling resistance means less energy is required to propel the vehicle forward, meaning more efficienccies and longer electric vehicle range.
  • Noise Reduction: Pirelli Elect tyres diminish tyre noise, offering a more comfortable ride in electric vehicles, whose key point of difference is often a total lack of drivetrain noise.
  • Weight Capacity: Electric vehicles are typically equipped with heavy battery packs, compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Pirelli's Elect tyres are designed to support this weight distribution and provide balanced handling and grip.
  • High Torque Handling: Electric vehicles generate instant and high levels of torque, which can place additional stress on the tyres, especially during acceleration. Pirelli's Elect tyres are designed to handle this torque and provide optimal grip and traction.
  • Energy Recovery: Some electric vehicles are equipped with regenerative braking systems that recover energy during braking and deceleration. Pirelli's Elect technology may be optimised to work seamlessly with these systems to enhance energy recovery and efficiency.
  • Pirelli's Elect technology aims to address the specific needs of electric and hybrid vehicles, optimising tyre performance and contributing to the overall efficiency, safety, and comfort of these vehicles. These tyres may be available in different models and sizes to cater to various electric and hybrid vehicle applications.

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