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Pick the right tyres for your SUV

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Did you know that SUVs are a popular choice among Australians? SUV sales will stay strong over the next few years thanks to the increased availability of models and more people wanting to buy these vehicles.

Among the most popular SUVs in Australia are the Renault Koleos, Nissan X-TRAIL, MG HS, Haval H6, Honda CR-V, and Mitsubishi Outlander, just to name a few.

Some of the main reasons why Australians are purchasing more and more SUVs are:

  • The wagon body offers convenience for a busy family with a hectic routine.
  • The higher seating gives a better view of the road, assisting in a safer drive.
  • Big SUVs are great for towing while still offering a comfortable ride.

What tyres fit my SUV?

SUVs are larger and, in most cases, designed to carry more weight than passenger vehicles such as sedans, so they should be equipped with tyres designed to handle these extra loads.

Many SUVs are typically fitted with tyres that are larger and wider than standard tyres, with a tough and strong rubber composition.

How can I choose the right tyres for my SUV?

There are plenty of tyre options available on the market, as well as a wide range of SUVs ranging from commuter-friendly models to supercars that rival ultra-performance SUVs. They cover a wide range of vehicles, including the Toyota Rav4 and Mazda CX3, as well as the Porsche Cayenne and Lamborghini Urus.

When purchasing new tyres for your SUV, some basic factors to consider include speed rating, size, and load rating. You can find this information in your car’s owner's manual.

You should also think about the road conditions and terrain on which you frequently drive. If you frequently drive in an urban environment, for example, you may want to consider tyres designed specifically for sealed surfaces. On the other hand, if you generally drive on rough terrain, AT (All-Terrain) tyres can provide your SUV with better performance.

Additionally, you may consider the features that matter most to you, including comfort, durability, road noise, safety, and fuel efficiency. These factors and features will help you choose the tyres that best suit your needs.

What SUV tyres can I buy at Tyrepower Kogarah?

At Kogarah Tyrepower we have a wide selection of tyres for your SUV from quality brands, including the following:


irelli Scorpion Verde All Season Scorpion tyre

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season is an SUV tyre that has been designed for quiet, comfort, safety, and better mileage in all weather conditions.

It is the first high-performance, eco-friendly tyre designed specifically for SUVs and CUVs (crossover utility vehicles).

Michelin LTX FORCE

Michelin LTX FORCE tyre

The Michelin LTX FORCE tyre is the ideal choice for your city commute and light off-road journeys. It has a layer of special filtering rubber that minimises vibrations/shocks from the road. This tyre offers a peaceful ride thanks to its rounded, sloping edge cuts.

The Michelin LTX FORCE’s rubber compound provides more wear resistance in off-road use. Its deep and open shoulder design provides large grip surfaces as well as increased traction and cut-chip resistance in off-road terrain.

Cooper SRX

ooper SRX

Thanks to advanced technology and engineering, the Cooper SRX offers long-life tread, maximum ride comfort, and improved efficiency. This tyre uses Stabiledge technology, which keeps the tread grooves open. This provides better stability, precise handling, traction and a better feel for the road.

The Cooper SRX also uses R-Tech Engineering (Response Technology). This refers to computer-designed sidewalls with an extended bead filler and performance compounding. This technology solution gives you stability, fast steering response, and more control in emergencies.

Get your tyres fitted at Kogarah Tyrepower

Kogarah Tyrepower is your local tyre expert in St. George and surrounding areas. We have a variety of tyres to fit your SUV, including all-terrain, high-performance, and touring tyres from high-quality tyre brands, including Pirelli, Continental, Toyo and Michelin.

With over 30 years of experience, Kogarah Tyrepower is Sydney’s premium Pirelli dealer. Come to our store located at 7 Lindsay Street, Rockdale or give us a call on (02) 9587 3366. Alternatively, you can book your car online.

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