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The Pirelli P ZERO PZ4 tyre

The Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) tyre.

The Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) is the most recent improvement to the legendary P ZERO sports car tyre series.

The first P Zero tyres were developed in 1986, and the name was chosen in 1987. These tyres were designed for the Ferrari F40, which at the time was considered the highest expression of international motorsport for road use.

P Zero Pirelli tyre.

Since the first P Zero tyres were released in 1987, the company has constantly innovated and expanded its product line. Today, P Zero tyres are used on many performance vehicles.

This growth has been enriched by working with the most prestigious international competitions, particularly with Pirelli’s partnership with Formula One.

The perfect fit for every car's performance

P ZERO™ is a unique Ultra High-Performance product. It combines Pirelli’s knowledge of competitive motorsport and experience from the top car manufacturers.

The new P ZERO™ (PZ4) has been developed with the most prestigious original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It meets any custom needs in terms of size, technology, and change of season.

Pirelli P ZERO™ (PZ4) technology

Pirelli P Zero tyre technology.


The Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) is a tyre dedicated to high-end premium cars and SUVs. They are specifically designed to fit perfectly with modern vehicles' features. This ensures maximum safety, control, and performance in all weather conditions.


For a quiet ride, the Pirelli PNCS™ is the right technology. This type of construction is able to reduce the noise inside the vehicle. This is due to a sound-absorbing device being applied to the inside wall of the tyres.


The SEAL INSIDE construction technology allows you to continue driving without losing air pressure in your tyres. Even if one of your tyres gets punctured by an external object, you can still safely drive your vehicle. This technology covers more than 80% of all possible causes of air pressure loss.


Pirelli tyres are identified by the ELECT™ marking on the sidewalls. This technology has been developed for high-performance electric and plug-in vehicles, in line with the Perfect Fit strategy.


Cyber™ Tyre is the first system based on sensorized tyres in the world. This technology allows the tyre to gather vital data and communicate this in real-time to the car. This provides a safer, tailor-made, top-driving experience with high-performance levels.

Get your Pirelli P ZERO™ (PZ4) with Tyrepower Kogarah

Kogarah Tyrepower stocks the largest range of Pirelli tyres in Sydney. We specialise in P Zero and performance tyres.

Our tyres fit most high-performance vehicles, including BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, and Audi, plus many, many more.

Come into our workshop and showroom at 7 Lindsay Street or call us on (02) 9587 3366. Another easy option is to book your car online to get your new P ZERO™ (PZ4) tyres.

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