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What tyre is best for your SUV?

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In Australia, SUVs are a popular choice. If you need new tyres for your car, Tyrepower Kogarah can help you choose the right ones.

At Tyrepower Kogarah, we have a wide range of tyres available for your SUV that are well prepared to handle whatever you intend to throw at them.

What does ‘SUV’ stand for?

SUV stands for ‘sports utility vehicle’. In Australia, an SUV will typically be bigger than an ordinary car, with higher clearance. Generally, they are somewhere between a normal road car and an off-road vehicle.

SUVs are a popular choice for families as they offer plenty of storage space, low floors, and a high roof. In general, the main benefits of these vehicles are that they provide comfort, safety, durability, a quiet ride and fuel economy.

How to choose the best tyres for your SUV?

If you’re shopping for a new set of tyres for your SUV, you should know a few things beforehand. It can be a good idea to get the same type of tyre that comes with the OE (original equipment). This is because vehicle manufacturers generally source tyres to best enhance the comfort and overall performance of your car.

However, in some cases, the OE tyre might not be the best option for some SUV owners. For example, if you notice that the terrain you frequently drive on requires tough tyres, you may consider getting tyres designed for rougher surfaces.

Here are some of the most popular SUV tyres we have in stock at Tyrepower Kogarah:

Michelin E PRIMACY

Michelin E PRIMACY tyre

The MICHELIN E PRIMACY is an energy-saving tyre that provides eco-friendly driving and reduces your fuel costs. In its category, this tyre delivers the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, plus an increased battery range for electric vehicles.

Enjoy long-lasting wet braking performance with a tread pattern that keeps you safe on the road. Increased road contact minimises tread wear for excellent longevity.

Key Features

  • Eco-designed tyre for fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in its category
  • Increased electric vehicle battery range
  • High standard of safety, from the first kilometre to the last
  • Long-lasting treadwear

Continental UltraContact® UC6

Continental UltraContact® UC6

When it comes to functionality, safety, comfort, and handling for both short- and long-distance travel, the Continental UltraContact® UC6 delivers.

This tyre offers excellent braking and cornering on both dry and wet roads. It also provides a quiet, comfortable ride with low noise levels. Every UC6 SUV tyre is equipped with an interlocked polymer compound, which provides excellent wear performance.

Key Features

  • Outstanding control on wet roads.
  • High margins of safety during braking on wet and dry roads.
  • High levels of grip and durability.
  • Enjoyable driving thanks to low levels of noise.

Get your SUV tyres at Tyrepower Kogarah

With the most recent tyre technology from major companies, Kogarah Tyrepower is your best choice for SUV tyres.

We have hundreds of tyres in stock from all the major brands, like Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, and others. So we definitely have the right tyre for your SUV. Simply call (02) 9587 3366 or come into our Rockdale shop at 7 Lindsay Street.

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