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What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment service.

In simple words, a wheel alignment corrects the angles of your tyres. This is to ensure that the wheels of your car are perpendicular to the ground and to each other, as required by the manufacturer recommended alignment settings.

In truth, perfectly parallel wheels aren’t very common, as a specific degree of misalignment is actually prefered for both safety and vehicle handling, as well as helping extend your tyre lifespan.

What is involved in wheel alignment?

  • Camber. When you look at your tyres from the front, they have an inward or outward lean. If your camber is off, you may notice early tyre wear on one or more of your tyres, as well as a "pull" when driving.
  • Toe. This is the inward (positive) or outward (negative) angle when looking at your tyres from above. Tyre life will be significantly reduced if the toe is slightly misaligned. The vehicle's wheels should be close to parallel to the vehicle to save tyre wear and power loss.
  • Caster. When viewed from the side, caster is the angle of your steering axis. If your wheel has too little positive caster, your car will most likely wander and struggle to maintain a straight route. If your vehicle has too much positive caster, it will feel as though the steering is heavy. Caster is sometimes not adjustable as the ideal settings are built right into the car frame, but if the caster is significantly out of alignment, it can indicate damage or worn-out suspension components.
  • Thrust. The thrust angle is an imaginary line drawn perpendicular from the rear axle centerline down the vehicle midline. The thrust angle controls whether the car's wheelbase is the same on both sides. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle ‘crab walking’ down the road on an angle, this is a vehicle with serious thrust alignment issues, likely caused by damaged suspension.

When should I have a wheel alignment?

Your vehicle should have a wheel alignment when fitting new tyres. Vehicle manufacturers also typically recommend that you have a wheel alignment service every year or 10,000kms, whichever comes first.

You probably need a wheel alignment if you notice that your car pulls to one side while driving or if your tyres are wearing unevenly or excessively.

Wheels and tyres can become misaligned by simply hitting potholes, bumps, curbs, driving along rough or uneven surfaces, or through normal wear and tear from daily driving.

If ignored, it could shorten the lifespan of your tyres in addition to affecting how your car handles. Uneven and premature tyre wear can be caused by poor wheel alignment, which can also reduce fuel efficiency and hastily wear out the car's steering, suspension, and brakes.

Benefits of wheel alignment

Thumbs up from a car.

Tyres that are properly aligned will improve your car's fuel efficiency, handling, and reduce tyre wear.

  • Saves on fuel. Tyres that are not properly fitted drag more, which takes more fuel to move your car, reducing its fuel economy. It can also result in premature tyre wear.
  • Improved handling. When braking, misalignment caused by uneven tyre wear can increase the distance required to come to a stop. During a wheel alignment check, a mechanic will evaluate the tyres and suspension, which helps improve the stability of your car.
  • Promotes good tyre life. When your wheels are out of alignment, it can cause rapid tyre wear. Your car will likely need an early tyre replacement. Alternatively, a vehicle with properly aligned wheels will assist in prolonging the life of your tyres.

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Alignment faults can be quite minor and go overlooked for a long time. Our alignment machines and instruments are specifically designed to detect these little differences.

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