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The versatile SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is one of the fastest growing segments of the auto industry but what tyre’s are best suited to the popular adventurer and what tyre would best suit the Australian climate?

In the 1930’s similar passenger vehicles were used to transport troops around during the war. It wasn’t until 1984, however, that the term SUV was used when the first Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was introduced to the automotive market.

Smaller crossover vehicles are all considered to be a part of the SUV market, which now accounts for 36.4% of passenger vehicles sold. As large sedans and wagons began to forge the SUV presence, its popularity exploded.

So, what is the best tyre for your SUV? Well, with so many options available it's easy to be lost in the noise. Tyrepower stores across Kogarah Tyrepower have a great selection of tyres, well equipped to handle the outback of Australia and beyond.

When purchasing tyre’s, it pays to be honest with your tyre dealer.

As there are many SUV vehicles, there are many tyre options available too. From the more aggressive Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Plus, to the popular Michelin Primacy series.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a new set of tyres for your SUV.

  • Comfort
  • Road noise
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • On or Off-road

It’s easy to get caught up in marketing tricks and sales tactics but at the end of the day, sticking with trusted brands is the safe and reliable bet. There are many reputable brands on the market for SUV tyres including Pirelli, Toyo, Goodyear and Dunlop.

Let's take a close look at 5 great tyres for your SUV.

Goodyear Wrangler Triplemax

Safety and comfort is built into Goodyear’s DNA and the Wrangler Triplemax tyre is no exception.

With consumer-driven needs at the centre of its tire innovations, the new Wrangler TripleMax provides peace-of-mind for a safer drive, keeping families more secure across any road condition. Goodyear developed the Wrangler TripleMax with an improved version of its proprietary HYDROGRIP Technology®.

Goodyear Triplemax

Its innovative tread design, optimised carcass, and high grip compound deliver shorter wet braking performance. Designed for mid-size SUVs, the Wrangler TripleMax delivers Superior Braking Performance, Shorter Wet Braking and Road Hazard Resistant features, offering a safer and more fun driving experience with the family.

Key Features

  • Customised Polymer tread compound - Provides exceptional braking and grip in wet conditions.
  • Road hazard resistant - For enhanced durability and resistance against a variety of road hazards.

Toyo Open Country U/T

Toyo Open Country

Key Features

The all-new Open Country U/T represents Toyo Tires' best highway-terrain tyre yet, delivering safety, performance and value to a wide range of everyday utes, 4x4s and SUVs. Superseding the Open Country H/T, the Open Country U/T provides considerable improvements in wet traction, fuel economy and comfort without compromising the previous product’s impressive mileage.

Dunlop Grandtrek PT3

A classic road tyre for your SUV, the Dunlop Grandtrek PT3 is the ideal aftermarket upgrade for any SUV on the market today.

Dunlop Grandtrek PT3

The perfect choice if you drive an SUV mostly on the road and are looking for a tyre that delivers exceptional handling, enhanced grip, fuel efficiency with minimal noise. The Grandtrek PT3 is the successor to the Grandtrek PT2 and provides further improvements to handling, grip and performance. The PT3 has been designed to deliver high speed stability, low noise, fuel efficiency and is perfect for the 4WD owner who enjoys a smooth and comfortable cruise along the highway.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season

When it comes to crossover vehicles such as the SUV, Pirelli have designed and developed a tyre perfect for the larger passenger car market. The Scorpion Verde encompasses everything a passenger tyre requires with a little extra light off-road performance.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season

When it comes to crossover vehicles such as the SUV, Pirelli have designed and developed a tyre perfect for the larger passenger car market. The Scorpion Verde encompasses everything a passenger tyre requires with a little extra light off-road performance.

Key Features

  • With improved rolling resistance comes a reduction in CO2 emissions, fuel savings and a much quieter ride.
  • Pirelli has developed an all new rubber compound for the Scorpion Verde, the Highly Aromatic Oil Free compound (HAOF) has 8% less raw materials, which means that the Verde has less impact on our environment.
  • The Verde encompasses a very distinctive tread pattern. Extra siping increases road safety while creating a very enjoyable soft and comfortable ride.

Pirelli Scorpion AT +

For the more adventurous type, or to really make your SUV stand out from the rest of the pack, the Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Plus is the answer. A suitably safe and sturdy road tyre, the AT + is an off-road beast designed to tackle some of the toughest terrain Australia has to offer.

As a touring tyre, the Scorpion All-Terrain plus can handle long, dusty out-back roads followed up by big stints on the bitumen. With Mud and Snow rating (M+S) the AT+ can handle all road and weather conditions.

Pirelli Scorpion Plus

Key Features

  • An all-new aggressive tread block pattern gives you the advantage in all kinds of driving conditions. It boasts big advancements in traction, grip, handling and safety.
  • The new AT+ block design encompasses larger longitudinal grooves twisting through the tread, providing exceptional water displacement, wet/dry handling and a much safer ride.
  • Reinforced sidewall layout is more robust and reliable against damage, punctures and wear, meaning the AT+ has a higher amount of safety and performance in even the stickiest of situations.

With the latest in tyre technology from leading brands, Kogarah Tyrepower is your ultimate choice when it comes to SUV tyres. With hundreds of tyres in stock, there is a tyre for your SUV here today. Simply call (02) 9587 3366 or call into our store at 7 Lindsay Street, Rockdale.

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