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Rim repairs at Kogarah Tyrepower.

A man dressed in Tyrepower work clothing repairs an alloy wheel on a large machine. Kogarah Tyrepower technician works to repair an alloy rim

It really isn’t a nice feeling, or in worse instances, a nasty sound!

Scuffing your new alloy wheels down a gutter while rushing to find a park in the city is something we never want to experience but hey, it happens! You probably thought, there is not much that can be done about it. You might have even thought you’d be up for a new wheel or heaven forbid, a new wheel set.

No, we can fix it!

Our local roads are not perfect, let's face it. Damage can occur in the city against curbs but it can also come in the form of ‘out of round’ which you can experience on an open country road. This is usually in the form of driving through a pothole or other road hazards.

Common Types of Wheel Damage

Kogarah Tyrepower has been specialising in rim repairs for years and we are damn good at it. The types of repairs that can be carried out at Kogarah TP are:

  • Gutter Rash
  • Flat Spots
  • Cracks
  • Out of round
  • Balancing
  • Alignment
A crack in a wheel is visible through the outer side of a rim A crack is visible through the outer rim of a wheel. This is repairable damage and can be fixed by a professional technician.

It helps to have an experienced technician in welding and automotive repairs. This, coupled with state of the art wheel repair equipment, means that you have a recipe to fix just about any damaged wheel that comes to the shop.

We repair wheels to within 95% of their original look and can offer a range of different finishes depending on your own wheels. Most minor damage can be repaired, anything beyond repairable will be discussed and to possibly explore other options but if a wheel is severely damaged with cracks beyond the center of the wheel, there is a good chance it cannot be repaired.

All services are carried out by a local experienced technician with high levels of quality, craftsmanship and reliability. We'll have your wheels repaired and back on the road in no time.

The Process

Each and every wheel is spun and balanced to find the problem area(s). Our technician then works his magic by rolling, welding, folding and massaging these areas back into their original form. The wheel is again, re-spun and balanced to ensure the perfect fit back onto your vehicle. It's recommended at this stage to have a complete wheel balance and alignment for optimum reliability.

A Wheel Spins on a machine with alloy fillings spinning off into the air as it repairs the rim. A wheel spins on the machine as it shaves off alloy to perfect the roundness of this particular rim.
Technician with protective clothing works to repair a wheel using a welder. Kogarah technician welds and repairs a damaged wheel rim.
A bright light is lighting up a wheel in the repair machine. Inspections are made using highly bright and effective instruments.

Need more information? You can call our workshop and showroom on (02) 9587 3366 or if you can get your car to our workshop at 7 Lindsay Street, Rockdale we’ll have one of our friendly staff take a look over any problem wheels for a diagnosis.

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