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Understanding uneven tyre wear.

A car owner checks the depth of his tyres with a tyre gauge. The gauge is placed in the large tread grooves. A simple tread depth gauge is relatively cheap and readily available at most service centres.

Getting the most out of your tyres

Let's be frank, tyres are not cheap! Well, tyres from a reputable brand with a history of quality and trusted reputation aren’t cheap anyway. That being said, you can’t put a price on your safety. To get the most value out of each set it’s important to keep them in check!

Uneven tyre wear is one of the most common reasons for early tyre replacement, but it can be prevented with just a few simple checks.

What to look out for when it comes to tyre wear

The 3 most common forms of tyre wear are:

  • Centre wear
  • Shoulder wear
  • Sidewall wear

Centre Wear

Centre wear is caused by over inflated tyres. Not only does this cause uneven wear of your tyres, but it will also affect your steering and other components as the weight of the car is generally supported by only the centre of the tyre.

Shoulder wear

Shoulder wear occurs when your tyres are under inflated. Maintaining optimum tyre pressures will ensure the right amount of contact pressure on the road. Under inflated tyres increases the load pressures to the outside walls of your tyres.

Side wear

Outer or sidewall wear isn’t all that common but outer sidewall tyre wear is caused by incorrect alignment, including caster and toe angles of your wheels. These days, side wear is more often than not caused by enthusiastic cornering and aggressive driving habits.

You can check your vehicle’s placard for the correct tyre pressures, given you are still running the stock tyres and wheels the automaker supplied. Tyre pressure can also be found on the sidewall of your tyres.

Other causes of tyre wear

There could be many reasons as to why you might be experiencing uneven tyre wear. While issues with the steering and suspension components can be the most common, other causes include damaged bushings and tie rod ends, even your vehicle's control arms play a part in wearing out your tyres.

Suspension and steering has been engineered to specific angles as they load and unload during cornering. This uneven transferring of weight translates to your tyres and applying pressure unevenly across the contact patch.

Wheel alignments can also be affected by bent suspension components, which can happen in even a mild-seeming collision.

Simple checks to save you money

Simply checking your tyres visually for any types of wear or damage will alert you to the need for a tyre rotation, or the need to amend any steering or suspension damage. Your auto specialist during a routine service can pick up on any issues causing uneven tyre wear.

Your car may be displaying signs of uneven tyre wear, including vibrations or free-play in your steering wheel.These can be sure signs that your vehicle is under performing and needs the attention of a tyre technician at Kogarah Tyrepower.

We are conveniently located at 7 Lindsay Street, Rockdale, or you can simply give us a call on (02) 9587 3366 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist with all your tyre questions.

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