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BMW and Pirelli continue with the PZero Elect.

A red bmw XDrive50 electric vehicle drives around a corner. BMW’s new all-electric vehicles with their trademark front grill and German styling.

The relationship between Pirelli and BMW continues with Pirelli’s ‘Perfect Fit’ program. Designed to match the best cars in the world with the best tyres, Pirelli’s design team strives to create the perfect tyre. The all-new BMW iX range including the XDrive50 and M60 are factory fitted with the all new Elect range of PZeros, made specifically for electric vehicles.

EV’s have driven tyre manufacturers to think differently about the design and functionality of their tyres. With electric vehicles being considerably quieter than your traditional combustion engine vehicle, noise reduction and rolling resistance is a big factor.

On top of that, EV’s are heavier with the addition of battery banks and sometimes multiple electric motors. To compensate for all this additional weight, tyre manufacturers need to design tyres with reinforced sidewalls.

The new P Zero Elect tyres are factory fitted to the XDrive50 and the only electric M version available from BMW, the M60. A star on the sidewall identifies the new tread design developed specifically for these BMW models in accordance with Pirelli.

A gray bmw M60 drives along a road with snowy mountains in the background. The new BMW M60 produces over 500hp. The PZero Elect was specifically designed to handle the torque and power of the new German electric vehicle.

With more grip and better handling, the electric vehicle experience comes to life with over 300kw of power and a whopping 0-60 in 6 seconds. The Elect range of tyres from Pirelli is not new, however as electric vehicles become more increasingly popular the demand for tyres to push the limits becomes more desired.

EV’s have certainly made a big impact on the buyer over the last few years. As range increases and charge times decrease we can only imagine where this is heading. BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari are just some of the vehicle manufacturers stepping into the EV world so it's only reasonable to assume that Pirelli and the Perfect Fit program will follow along for the ride.

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