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Let’s look at ways to make our driving more fuel efficient.

How to save a few dollars at the fuel pump with Tyrepower Kogarah

With the help of a few simple techniques, anyone can save money on fuel no matter what kind of vehicle you may be driving. These techniques may not only save you money, but also improve your safety on the road and lessen the general wear and tear your vehicle encounters through aggressive driving habits.

There are a number of ways that you can save money on fuel, let's take a look at just a few.

  • Maintaining a steady speed
  • Going easy on the pedal
  • Coasting to decelerate
  • Avoiding unnecessary high speeds

Maintaining a steady speed

Like the title says, maintaining a safe and steady speed on the highway will save you fuel in the long-run. Tests have shown that you use 20% more fuel while dipping and accelerating your speed between 75km and 85km over an 18 minute period.

Another tip to maintain a safe and steady speed is to anticipate the flow of traffic. Keeping a good distance between you and the car in front of you allows you enough time to brake gently, reducing any wear on your vehicle's components.

Go easy on the pedal

You may like to jump on the gas off the lights or to safely overtake, but the harder you accelerate the more fuel you will use. Instead, try to gently accelerate your car from a stand still up to 20kmph over a 5 second period. This will dramatically decrease your fuel usage by around 15%. Visualise an open cup of coffee on your vehicle’s dashboard and try not to spill it!

Coasting to decelerate

Pressure locking is a term used when the vehicle's gears are used to slow down. This is common with manual transmission cars and not overly popular these days. By giving yourself plenty of room on the road, you will have time to coast in neutral and slow down. This means your engine will not be unnecessarily revving higher as you reduce speed.

Avoiding unnecessary high speeds

When traveling on the highway, stick to the speed limit. It's been reported that 20km over the speed limit will cause a 20% increase in fuel consumption. If anything, staying just under the speed limit while driving longer distances will save you a considerable amount of money at the pump.

Other ways to reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption can be achieved by considering the following tips...

Fuel reporting system

Fuel management systems are known to be effective in reducing your car's fuel consumption. Most aftermarket systems will display fuel consumption, gear change recommendations (manual only) plus much more. Most modern cars on the market these days come standard with fuel consumption units built into their on dash displays.

Avoid excessive weight

Towing or over packing your vehicle will lead to higher fuel consumption as your vehicle’s engine will be working harder pulling the extra weight. If you are heading away, only pack what you intend on using. There is no need to take everything you own.

Correct tyre pressures

The big one, one that we here at Kogarah Tyrepower know best, is maintaining correct tyre pressure. Your tyre pressures play a huge role in saving fuel. Underinflated tyres cause a higher rolling resistance.

Your vehicle has to work overtime when accelerating due to underinflated tyres resulting in a higher amount of fuel being used. If you are unsure of your vehicle's correct tyre pressures, the reading can be found on your tyre’s sidewall or on your vehicle placard, which is located on the inside of your door.

If you have any more questions regarding maintaining your vehicle’s correct tyre pressure simply give us a call on (02) 9587 3366 or come into our store in Rockdale, Sydney. One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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