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Everything you need to know about pink slips

In New South Wales, vehicles that are over 5 years old are required to pass an examination to determine their roadworthiness prior to being re-registered. During this assessment, factors including lights, corrosion, tyre condition and mechanical issues are all thoroughly assessed to ensure the vehicle is safe for our roads.

What is a pink slip inspection?

An eSafety check, commonly referred to as a pink slip, is a mechanical inspection carried out by an Authorised Inspection Scheme station. New South Wales prides itself on having a fleet of safe and modern vehicles on our roads and to that end, each vehicle must be fully inspected prior to renewing vehicle registration.

During an inspection we will check over your vehicle, bumper to bumper, to ensure that it meets all the requirements for being a roadworthy vehicle in New South Wales. Some of the main points we look at are:

  • All exterior lights function as expected
  • Tyre wear and condition
  • Worn or damaged suspension components, wheel bearings
  • Inspect body for accident damage, corrosion and overall general condition
  • Inspect engine bay and driveline for damage and evidence of leaking fluids
  • Safety features such as seatbelts, airbags, wiper blades and horn
  • Brake system efficiency, park brake and ABS operation

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Here, we are going to answer some of the most common questions about pink slips and let you know some things you can inspect yourself to avoid a simple 5 minute fix causing you to fail an inspection.

When can I get a pink slip inspection?

Any time. However, a successful inspection certificate is only valid for 6 months, so if you re-register your vehicle after the 6 month window has expired, you will need to get another inspection performed

What happens if I fail a pink slip inspection?

If an issue is found with your car that cannot be immediately repaired, we will provide you with a list of items to be attended to. This is referred to as a ‘Repairs Needed’ report. This gives you a 14-day window in which to rectify any issues.

If you resubmit the vehicle for inspection within the 14 days, you avoid having to pay for a second inspection. Outside of that time, you will need to pay a fee to have the vehicle reassessed.

Once I pass a pink slip, what happens next?

Gone are the days of getting the small carbon copy slip, which is how the nickname ‘pink slip’ came to be. These days a successful eSafety check result is filed electronically, straight to the Roads and Maritime Service, ready for you to renew your vehicle registration.

A successful eSafety inspection result is valid for 6 months. Outside of that period, you must complete another vehicle inspection.

Top tips to prepare for an eSafety inspection

Booking into the workshop without doing at least some preparation work can set you up to fail, as we discussed before. If you fail an inspection you have a window in which to rectify any issues found and return to the same workshop for a free second inspection. But if you can spend a few minutes in your driveway to avoid a second trip to the workshop why wouldn’t you?


Tyres are easily checked at home, especially if you have a 4x4 or SUV. Larger cars make it easier to see the tyre tread. We look to ensure tread depth is above the legal requirement of 1.5mm. We also look for signs of uneven wear that may point towards a poor wheel alignment as well as the possibility of damaged or worn suspension components.

Wiper blades

Wiper blades are an easy item to inspect, yet we see a lot of vehicles come in with worn out, cracked or plain ineffective wiper blades that need replacement. The good news is that if you’re unfamiliar with how to find the right replacements, most auto parts stores will happily assist.

Blown bulbs

For a vehicle to pass an eSafety check, all lights must be operating correctly. Fortunately, a blown bulb is usually a quick fix that doesn’t delay a successful assessment. As more and more vehicles have LED style lights this will become less common, however, a quick check in your driveway is all it takes to find if you have a bulb that isn’t working properly. Bulb changes on most vehicles are easy to do with minimal tools required.

Book your eSafety inspection today

Kogarah Tyrepower is proud to be a part of this system to keep our roads safer. We are an Authorised Inspection Scheme station. Book in for an eSafety check with us today!

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