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All Terrain tyres - the best of both worlds.

Do you own an SUV or 4WD? Finding the best tyres can present you with a multitude of options. How you use your SUV or 4WD however, will narrow down your focus.

For those who are mostly on-road for the everyday commute, but like the idea of a weekend escape off the beaten track, then All Terrain (AT) tyres may be the right choice for you.

All terrain equipped 4x4 on dirt road

The low down on AT tyres

AT tyres offer a good balance between off-road capabilities and general, everyday sealed road use. The tread of an AT tyre is a ‘step up’ from that of a HT tyre. AT tyres have a deeper and more aggressive tread.

On sealed roads, they offer relatively low noise and fuel consumption. When compared to an HT, they are noisier though. However, if you intend to take your SUV or 4WD on some light off-road adventures the benefits of driving on a set of AT tyres really becomes apparent.

AT tyres provide plenty of grip in off-road situations, compared to HT tyres. Typically speaking, their stronger sidewalls, compared to HT tyres, make them less likely to suffer from damage caused by rocks, ruts and tree roots, which are often encountered when off-road.

Now is probably a good time to mention that the strength and pattern styles of AT tyres does vary amongst tyre manufacturers. Generally speaking, the higher end, premium quality AT tyres will provide you with a better option for those occasions when you are off-road.

The friendly and experienced team at Kogarah Tyrepower can discuss with you, our range of AT tyres to find the right one to suit your driving needs. Here are just a few of the AT tyres that we have on offer:

Pirelli Scorpion ATR


Scorpion ATR is considered an extremely versatile AT tyre for powerful vehicles due to its reinforced structure and unique tread design. The Scorpion ATR offers excellent traction grip on every surface, reduced aquaplaning, top braking efficiency and high resistance to damage, while providing easy comfortable driving on normal roads.

  • The symmetrical tread design delivers the all-terrain versatility needed with an appealing look and a low noise level
  • Robust carcass and reinforced sidewall area offers high resistance to damage
  • Wide, rugged shoulder blocks provide improved traction and braking efficiency
  • Curved central grooves give continuous traction in off-road situations

Toyo Open Country AT II

 Country AT II

Toyo consider the Open Country AT II as a new generation of AT tyre. It offers increased tread life and excellent traction throughout the life of the tyre and an aggressive tread appearance. The Toyo Open Country AT aims to deliver top quality performance with affordable technology at the right price.

  • Long tread life - new tread compound with improved wear resistance
  • New casing profile - provides even contact pressure distribution for improved resistance to irregular wear and longer wear life
  • Improved tread design with grooves in the tread blocks and fringed block edges to improve off-road traction
  • Staggered and scalloped shoulder lugs to improve off-road traction
  • Two jointless cap plies providing high speed durability and puncture resistance
  • Deeper tread depth, giving you longer tread life

Falken Wildpeak AT3W


The Wildpeak AT is engineered for adventure, in any weather. The tyre combines aggressive off-road ability and rugged terrain driving without compromise on the pavement.

It boasts an optimised tread design combined with a silica tread compound, which enables the Wildpeak AT3W to excel in areas including wear and wet performance.

This tyre is packed with technology - from Falken’s patented 3D Canyon Sipes, to an all-new proprietary lower sidewall. Full-depth sipes and grooves assist in maintaining consistent performance and appearance throughout the life of the tyre.

  • Heat diffuser technology in the lower sidewall dissipates heat to protect the internal tyre components. This keeps the critical area of the tyre cool to ensure vehicle stability even when towing or carrying heavy loads.
  • 3D canyon sipe technology, which interlocks the shoulders to resist wear from high torque as well as providing additional handling stability.
  • Rugged and rigid tread blocks that feature support ramps and step-down features that provide tread pattern rigidity in the contact patch, enhancing vehicle stability and handling while also preventing stones from becoming trapped in the grooves.
  • Aggressive upper sidewall, along with offset shoulder blocks, protect the tyre from sharp rocks and provide additional off-road traction at low tyre pressures or in off-camber situations.

Finding the best AT tyres for your SUV or 4x4 comes down to knowing how you intend to use it. Taking the time to consider this, along with a little research can be of great assistance. Tyre Review https://www.tyrereview.com.au/ has a range of reviews that are free to view.

Of course, Barry and the rest of the team at Kogarah Tyrepower are also here to talk you through your options for a set of AT tyres that will best suit your driving needs. Give us a call on (02) 9587 3366, or come in and see us at 433 West Botany Street, Kogarah to learn more about our great range of AT tyres.

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