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Let’s talk Pink Slips

What is a pink slip and what do we look for?

In New South Wales, light vehicles older than 5 years are subject to an eSafety check (otherwise known as a pink slip) during the registration renewal process. Essentially, this is a series of safety checks that ensure your vehicle is roadworthy prior to re-registration.

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Having older vehicles undergo an inspection every 6 to 12 months ensures that other road users driving alongside you have had their vehicle inspected by a professional. Service items like brakes, tyres and oil leaks are all taken care of when you have your vehicle inspected for a pink slip. Overall, this scheme aims to minimise traffic accidents brought on by older, unreliable or unroadworthy vehicles on our roads.

You don’t have to wait until your registration is close to expiration to get an eSafety check done. A check can be made up to 6 months before your registration is due for renewal and will remain valid upon re-registration. This is good practice in the event of expensive or urgent repairs as these can be resolved without delaying your registration process.

During a typical pink slip inspection, our staff will look for the following items:

  • All exterior lights function as expected
  • Tyre wear and condition, wheel bearings, suspension components for leaks
  • Inspect body for accident damage, corrosion and general condition
  • Inspect engine bay and driveline for damage, leaking fluids
  • Safety features such as seatbelts, airbags, wiper blades and horn
  • Brake system efficiency, park brake and ABS operation.

In the case that your vehicle needs repairs before a successful check is complete, you will be issued with a Repairs Needed report. This gives you a 14 day period to complete the necessary work and bring the vehicle back in for a free follow-up assessment. If the work is not completed within 14 days, you will need to pay another inspection fee.

Once your vehicle has successfully passed an eSafety check, the completed form is digitally sent to the Roads and Maritime Service and you’re ready to renew your registration. A successful eSafety check result is valid for 6 months.

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Kogarah Tyrepower are an Authorised Inspection Scheme station. We can provide roadworthy inspections for your vehicle in Kogarah and the surrounding areas. We offer fast turnaround on rego inspections. If you would like to book your eSafety inspection, give us a call on (02) 9587 3366.

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