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Why is a wheel alignment important?

People often think a wheel alignment is something tyre fitters add on to bump up the price of tyre replacements. However, this is far from true and a regular wheel alignment will mean that you require fewer tyre replacements in the future.

Vehicle safety is extremely important. When your wheels are properly aligned, they will provide you with the best handling, manoeuvrability and performance.

Out of whack, or poorly aligned wheels will cause vibrations through your steering wheel and possibly damage the steering components. It will also contribute to uneven tyre wear and an increase in fuel consumption.

Alignments are usually performed when a vehicle has its tyres replaced. If you are not requiring new tyres and your car seems to either pull to one side or vibrate it maybe best to get them checked. You can have this check performed at Kogarah Tyrepower. We’ll let you know if your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment, or advise you when it’s best to book in for one.

Wheel Alignment

An alignment consists of a number of checks, we break these into primary and secondary checks.

Primary Checks –
Checking your wheels of alignment relative to each other and the vehicles chassis or car body.

  • Camber
  • The inward/outward angle of your wheels when viewed from the front of your vehicle. Poorly aligned camber can put stress on your bearings and wheel joints as well as irregular tyre wear.

  • Caster
  • This is the angle of the steering axis when viewed from the side. Your caster angle helps with steering balance, stability and cornering.

  • Toe
  • Toe is the result of your tyres pointing inward or outward when viewed from above. Properly aligned toe will have zero pull to either side.

Secondary Checks –

These checks consist of adjustments to the steering axis, track width, wheelbase difference, frame angle and setback.

Nowadays, most modern vehicles are fitted with computer sensitive systems including lane assist, ABS, cruise control, brake assist and other forms of computer assisted systems. Poorly aligned wheels can throw these systems out and will need to be reset by a qualified technician.

A wheel alignment should always be performed by a licensed service technician. Kogarah Tyrepower offer extensive services when it comes to re-aligning your cars wheels. Our expert technicians use the latest in wheel alignment technology and offer the best service for your next wheel alignment.

Head into our Kogarah store located just south of Sydney and talk to one of our expert wheel technicians, or give us a call today on (02) 9587 3366 to discuss your next wheel alignment.

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