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New Year’s Resolution: Buying better tyres for your car.

There is little debate when it comes to buying new tyres for your car. It’s simple, you get what you pay for, right?

You can’t but a price on your passenger’s safety so maybe it’s time to take tyres more seriously? There is a huge difference in cheap budget tyres and those produced by well-known brands like Pirelli.

When you buy into more expensive brands like Pirelli you are buying tyres derived from over a century of research and development. Steeped in motor racing history, Pirelli has dedicated 146 years to perfecting the best possible tyres for safety, performance and mileage.

Scientists, engineers, designers and drivers work together to come up with the perfect formula. Technological advancements including run flat, seal inside and PCNS (internal noise cancelling foam) are just some of the features produced from years of collecting data.

You see, you get none of this when you buy cheap un-known brand tyres, so why risk it?

Cheap Tyres

Cheap tyres come in many forms and usually through the grey or parallel import market. Last year over 500,000 units came into Australia with around 30% of those tyres being un-roadworthy.

Questionably Cheap Tyres

Smaller lesser known brands have not the technology or refined materials going into their tyres. Unknown rubber sources and other means of making tyres reduce the cost to the consumer but at a price.

Budget tyres do not perform as those from the bigger brands. Stopping distance being a big factor with some tyres rolling a further 20 metres further. That’s nearly 6 car lengths! The condition of your budget tyres will deteriorate rapidly and you will be replacing the set long before a new set of Pirellis.

Some vehicle manufacturers will not full-fill warranty agreements unless the vehicle has replacement OE tyres fitted during its time on the road. If you happen to take your Porsche 911 into the shop with a set of budget tyres, don’t be surprised you get turned away. Not that you would put budget tyres on a Porsche 911, you just wouldn’t...

Premium Tyres

Pirelli is one of the world’s great tyre manufacturers and has over 140 years of building and perfecting the tyre. Every brand has a range and Pirellis range extends from mid-priced to premium tyres. You can find a tyre to fit and suit most makes and models or applications including light commercial trucks.

P-Zero Close-up

At one end, you have the P Zero range. Built as OE fitment on Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin and AMG the P Zero is designed for ultimate high-performance. P Zero Connesso also includes digital connection with your vehicle or smart phone. Providing data in real time, the tyres will let you know of temperature changes, inflation levels and will even book your car into the Pirelli Concierge for replacement.

Wheel Close-up

At the other end is a range of tyres made by Pirelli to suit the modern passenger, family SUV or small vehicle. These tyres are ‘cheaper’ than the high-end market but still provide all the safety you would come to expect from a brand like Pirelli.

Get more k’s for your buck! One of the big differences between premium and cheap tyres is wear life. You simply get more km’s from your set of mid-range or premium tyres and in the long run are saving more money.

So, one way of cancelling out any of those cost savings at time of purchase, is unknowingly buying a set of cheap winter tyres that have been designed for completely different driving conditions. The tyres then wear well before they were meant to and you are left with no warranty.

Mutiple Car Line-up

There are many options when purchasing tyres, its best to talk with a professional and choose the right tyre at an affordable price.

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