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When do I need new tyres?

A rack of new tyres awaits fitment at the workshop.

This can be the first question that comes to mind when purchasing tyres. It could be for a few reasons, so here at Tyrepower Kogarah we’ll make the process a little easier for you.

Reasons for new tyres could include the following:

  • Currently driving with worn or damaged tyres
  • Upgrading to aftermarket wheels
  • Upgrading to larger tyres
  • You vehicle has unwanted stock tyres
  • Your vehicle has been sitting or parked for a long time (usually years in this case)

These days, buying tyres can be an expensive experience. With such a wide variety to choose from, there is a tyre for nearly every budget. Tyrepower Kogarah has been selling tyres for over 25 years and can accommodate just about any customer need.

Your tyres are worn out, what next?

So, you have discovered you need new tyres. What's next? Depending on your make and model you have to ask yourself “what kind of tyres do I need?”. This can be decided on via the type of car you drive and your intended driving habits.

Making mental notes of your current tyres will ultimately help you in the buying process of new tyres. Things like road noise, wet handling, cornering and braking are characteristics of your tyres performance. These can be improved on with a little expert help and advice.

It’s time for new tyres

At the end of the day, new tyre purchases come down to one simple fact. Your tyres are worn out, or old, and need to be replaced.

This can come from the authorities in the form of a yellow sticker, implying that you have ‘X’ amount of time to replace your tyres, or, you are simply feeling unsafe while driving your car and your tyres need to be replaced.

A simple check around your vehicle for bulges, damage or uneven tyre wear can lead to purchasing new tyres. Your tread can be checked by simply finding the tread wear bar located in the grooves of your tyres.

A change of pace

After purchasing a new vehicle, you may have come to realise that the stock tyres that it came fitted with were not designed for the driving you intend on doing. This will usually lead to an upgrade.

If you’ve purchased an SUV or 4WD but spend a lot of time off-road then a new set of All-Terrain tyres are needed.

Quiet Tyres

Do you require quieter tyres for infants or passengers? There are many tyres on the market with huge reductions in road-noise or road-howl inside the vehicle cabin.

With many options on the market for quieter tyres, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 is the latest from the Italian tyre manufacturer and has seen huge improvements in this area over the last few years.

So if you are looking into buying new tyres, the team at Kogarah Tyrepower have the experience and knowledge, matched with reliable honest customer service, to pair you with the right tyre for your car.

With plenty of off-street parking, Kogarah Tyrepower has never been easier to drop your car in for new tyres. Check out our booking system or call us today on (02) 9587 3366

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